Telehealth Fulfillment


Why Telehealth?

Through the use of direct-to-consumer telemedicine, a post-pandemic revolution in the medical field has improved the efficiency of providing high-quality treatment. In recent years, telehealth has evolved even further, incorporating secure patient portals for information sharing.

Crafted Rx thrives as a DTC fulfillment pharmacy thanks to its telemedicine strategy, which collaborates with telemedicine companies to drop ship supplements, retail products, and compounded prescription drugs directly to patients’ homes.

Crafted Rx is licensed to ship in multiple states and offers fast, same day turnaround for orders before 2 pm.


Custom Medication

In order to provide a completely customized treatment experience, our pharmacists are actively involved in the drug development process by developing specific compounds for your patients that reflect their individual requirements.


Licensed to Ship in Multiple States

Custom orders can be placed with Crafted Rx for shipment and delivery. Our pharmacists can swiftly and efficiently develop the exact unique compounds you require, allowing you to offer customized treatment more quickly. We also offer fast, same day delivery.

API Availability

We’ve developed technology that works with your telehealth program to make ordering and processing prescriptions simple. Your doctors order on the platform and we manufacture the medication for the patient.